34 delightful EARSTUDS. Fruit, veg and salad. Flowers, animals and other jolly stuff. Allergy tested. Guaranteed nickel- lead- and cadmium-free.

Dress up your clothes with these crazy, cute BUTTONS. Not just for kids. 35 designs. Fruit, veg and salad. Flowers, animals and lots more. Boil wash. 14 mm.

A tiny bit of Denmark. MAGNETS for the fridge - 12 traditional open sandwiches. 28x16mm or 22x22mm. Strong NdFeB magnet.

Amazing, adorable, affordable.

Lots of choice.

Something for everyone.

Fun for your clothes.

Handmade in Denmark.

Not just for kids.

35 to choose from.

Doesn't matter if you don't knit...

(...neither do I).

Delicious little bites.

12 traditional danish open sandwiches.

For the fridge. Or to wear on a sweater.




DOES THE GLUE LAST?   Yes. I offer a one year guarantee.
CAN I KEEP THEM ON IN THE SHOWER?   No reason why not. Water will do no harm, but you should take care that they don’t fall out (and get washed away).
WHAT ABOUT SKIN ALLERGIES?   The studs are made of high quality surgical steel. Guaranteed free of nickel, lead and cadmium.




ARE THEY STRONG ENOUGH?   Yes, for shirts and knitwear. Not for jeans. (who would do that, I wonder…)
ARE THEY WASHABLE?   Yes. Machine wash at any temperature and tumble dry. Watch out with the iron - they don’t much like that.
THE HOLES LOOK SMALL   A standard sewing needle can pass through the holes easily. Always use ordinary sewing thread.




DO THEY STAY PUT (ON THE FRIDGE DOOR)?   Yes. Strong enough to keep a postcard in place when you slam the door.